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Name: Athena
Are you over 16?: yes
Personal DW: [personal profile] athenazandrite
Email: oro@reikitantei.net
Timezone: MST (UTC/GMT -7 hours) Arizona
Other contact: Plurk
Characters already in the game: none
How did you find us?: Suggested by various anonymice


Character name: Kyoko Mogami
Fandom: Skip Beat!
Timeline: end of Volume 30
Age: 17
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Burning anger? Kyoko can summon grudges that she hurls at people she fights with apparently it hurts to get hit with one and can leave craters in drywall. Some people can even see them if they can see spiritual beings. She can also use them to stop people from moving (Kanashibari). She can nurse a grudge like no one's business.

Kyoko is also a rather talented actress she can take on a whole new persona and seem like a completely different person. She's a ridiculously good cook. None of this is supernatural but it's probably important to know.
How would they use their abilities?:
Background/Personality: Kyoko spent most of her life trying to make everyone around her happy. Her mother was the most important to begin with, although her mother never showed any care to her. She dropped her off for months with neighbors and the few times they did talk, she spent criticizing Kyoko for everything from not earning perfect scores on schoolwork, to being too needy. (Some translations even say her mother called her stupid if she did not receive 100% on her schoolwork)

Kyoko also spent a good part of her time trying to please Shotaro and his parents who took her in when her mother couldn't be bothered to care for her. From her hard work for Sho's parents she learned a great deal about the high end service industry of Japanese Inns. How to please a customer, keep a smile on your face even when you were deathly ill and how to cook like a pro.

She ran away to Tokyo with Sho (her childhood friend and first love Shotaro) so that he could start a career in show business instead of having to settle down to the boring life of running an inn. He asked her to join him and she followed blindly glad that he asked her instead of one of his screaming fans. It turns out, he just wanted a maid. She overheard him talking about how he only brought her along to serve him, and he didn't care that she had to quit school and work her fingers to the bone to support him. Kyoko snapped.

The new Kyoko has a very short temper, a very competitive spirit and is a little desperate for a real friend. She's lost the ability to love which has been devoured by a strong desire for vengeance (which she is trying to carry out by crushing Sho with her own entry into show business, where she's actually a remarkably talented actress). Kyoko is a woman driven. She'll do anything to get what she wants, and her obsessive compulsive need to win or do the best (that was started by her mother's cold rejection of any of her younger accomplishments) is now a full fledged singleminded desire to take anyone who looks down on her and rub their faces in the dirt until they grovel at her feet for mercy.

Kyoko still has a naieve side, she's only seventeen and she has always loved princess and fairy stories like Cinderella where the poor girl in rags turns into a beautiful princess, marries a wonderful prince and everyone in the kingdom loves her. Her hobby is looking at cosmetics (she can't afford them but she wants to some day!). She has also taken up the hobby of making curse dolls that look like the people she hates. She can't afford real curse dolls so she sews them herself with great detail. It has a calming effect and sometimes she'll use them to act out scenes of her vengence or to bully herself into doing better. Kyoko has a weakness for all things fantastic. She sometimes drifts into her own private Lala land thinking about faries and elves.

Her current main rivals are Sho Fuwa (singer/former friend and love interest), Ren Tsuruga (an actor whom she is growing to like more than she is comfortable with) and Kanae Kotonami (reluctant best friend/actress). And this creep from a band called Vie Ghoul who went as far as almost raping her to get to Sho who ended up saving her. That guy's name is Reino.

Her Current characters:
Inkeeper's Daughter
Bitter Older Sister - Acting Test
Bo - Kimagure Bridge Rock (she plays a giant chicken)
Curara Commercial (Mostly herself frolicking with her friend Moko)
FallenAngel - Fuwa Sho's promo video clip (a sweet angel who's friend is dying because she fell in love with a demon, she kills the demon to save her friend and committing her first sin drives her mad)
Mio - Dark Moon Miniseries (A rich young lady who hates everyone around her and enjoys making them suffer)
Kuon (male) Character Building exercise with Kuu Hizuri ( Playing the young -spoiled- son of a great actor.)
Natsu - Box R Series (A girl bored with life who is popular at school and enjoys bullying people for fun, she just doesn't want to be bored with life so she'll do almost anything to feel)
Setsuka Heel - Cain Heel's sister (Wild rock and roll fashionista with a serious brother complex)

Have you read up on how the game works?: The journal system is called FlamingFerret and you can earn money through Missions, Freelance work and mooching off other players.

1st person sample: Journal post

3rd person sample:

Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject:


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